Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Carter Enterprises Quickie and Quickie II Release Aids, new for 2005

Carter Enterprises will produce a new hunting release in July of 2005.

Where faster is better, Carter Enterprises has just met the challenge of developing a hunting release that can stand up to the need for speed, whatever the hunting situation may be, with the introduction of their all new Carter Quickie series featuring the Quickie and Quickie 2.

The open-jawed, single-sear wrist strap design offers a self-closing jaw which quickly relocks following each shot, providing for easier, faster loading on either a D-loop or serving. In addition, enjoy the luxury of silent loading and silent shooting with this index finger model while losing none of the accuracy for which Carter has become so famous. As always, expect the same durable, high quality 440 stainless steel parts, smooth contours, and option of travel adjustment with the turn of a set screw.

This compact release aid is available in camo or black with the choice of a quality Velcro or buckle strap. Enjoy the open jaw of the Quickie or the reverse open jaw of the Quickie 2. Finally, a release made for the intrepid hunter while being fast enough for speed rounds, accurate enough for spot shooting.