Saturday, July 09, 2005

New Archery Products

We always to to stay on top of the latest in Archery Equipment. A new product has burst onto the archery scene. It's called the STS or Shock Terminator Suppressor. I thought this was going to be a gimick.

Boy was I wrong. This thing works exactly as adverised. It greatly reduces noise and felt shock or vibration from the shot. Even great shock-free bows like the Mathews Switchback and Bowtech Allegiance get better when this item is installed.

If it improves these great bows, think of what it will do for a bow that actually has some felt hand shock and vibration.

The other added benefit is the arrow actually leaves the string at full brace height. This effectively makes the bow more forgiving. The other thing is it does not cost you any speed like traditional string silencers like spiders or leeches.

Check these out, you will not be sorry you did.