Saturday, November 15, 2008

PSE X-force GX and Dream Season GX

We recently had a visit from our PSE Rep. He brought in all the PSE bows including the PSE X-force GX and PSE X-force Dream Season GX. PSE took all the comments on the 2008 models and incorporated them into the 2009 X-force bows. They really listened to the customers and dealers and produced an exceptional product.

The new PSE X-force GX and Dreamseason GX have America's Best Bowstrings from the factory, built in string stopper and a new GX cams. The new GX Cam is smoother than last years model and still maintains the incredible speed these bows produce.

The PSE Rep handed me the X-Force Dream Season GX set and 60 lbs and said shoot this. I drew and shot the bow and said, this bow is not 60 lbs, it must be lighter. We took it to the scale and it drew 61.4 lbs. I was amazed by how easily it drew. The new bows produce great speed, smooth draw, quiet shooting and great speed. What more could you ask for in a great bow.

Another new change is we can now offer these bows for sale online. So place your order now to get one of the hottest bows on the market.