Thursday, February 18, 2010

Carter Whisper Release

For 2010, Carter has announced the Carter Whisper release. This is a new short head design but the biggest item that makes this new and improved is the quietness of the release. Carter included o-rings in the right places to make this release extremely quiet.

This release has a totally new look of the handle and a removable fourth finger. This is a very unique look. I find the head distance to be very similar to the Ember release. A lot of our customers like this design because it allows them to keep a longer draw length.

The trigger is also a little different in the aspect that it is a palm shoe style instead of a barrel design. Again giving this release a totally custom feel to it.

The trigger tension uses the new Carter magnetic adjustments. You remove the magnets to make the trigger pull lighter. It's very easy, you just push them out to remove them and just drop them back in to increase the tension. Very simply and slick design.

You can order your new Whisper at our online store.
Carter Whisper Release